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How to Set Up and Use a Rat Trap

Use rat trap when you feel rat are entered into your home and can become a reason for serious infection. To get rid of them, you can use the rat trap. There is various kind of rat trap, or you can even make them at home.

Glue trap
This is one of the easy ways to trap multiple rats at a time. 

  • Take a board and hard paper
  • Add glue in circle shape
  • Add peanut butter to attract the rats
  • As they will come to eat, they will get stuck into the glue. 

Where to place the trap?
Place the trap at the place where rats are in high quantity. Like any dark corner, storeroom, behind the objects. Placing traps at suspicious places will higher the chance to trap them.  You can also use T-Rex snap traps that look like a small box, and rats love to live in closed places. This trap will attract them as they went into it; they are definitely going to trap in it. 

How to set up the rat traps
The following are some tips by reading them. You will get a better idea of where to set up the rat trap to get rid of them. 
  • If you are going to set up the trap at night, then do not forget to keep one of the traps in your kitchen along with food.
  • If you want to trap the rats at room or garden area, keep the trap into the dense or back yard and for roof place the traps into the trees and the places they use to travel. 
  • Rats are shy to new places, so before placing any trap, use food to feed them once they familiar to the place you can trap them easily. Place the rat baits near trap to catch them. 
  • If you are suffering from multiple rat attacks, then it is suggested to use many traps at once like bucket trap, glue trap, etc. 

  • Do not touch the dead rats or do not touch them directly. 
  • Use gloves and face mask while removing the waste. 
  • Dispose of the gloves and their waste into the plastic bags and close them tightly. 
  • Wash the area with water and bleach solution; otherwise, taking a breath in the targeted area can cause breathing issues like lung disease. 

Why is it important to use the rat trap?
Living with rats is like you have opened the door to welcome the disease. Get rid of them as soon as possible. They would pee and poop at the living place, for sure they are going to eat food that will increase the health risk.  You can also use rat traps when you are not in favor of using rat baits due to children, as they can get in contact with the rat bait. 

Advantages of using rat traps
  • The use of poison rat bait can be harmful to pets and children, so it is safe to use a rat trap. 
  • Traps help to catch them quickly when they are in greater quality. 
  • By using rat traps, you can trap multiple rats at once. 
  • By using a rat trap, it is easy to remove them and remove the odor too. 

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