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Raccoon Predators

Raccoons are easy to identify able due to their specific black skin. They like in life in large habitat. They have the ability to blend in their environment because of their grizzled white, black, and gray fur.  They seem to be active at night as compared today. Living in a wide habitat means they must have a huge number of enemies.  Predators that love to eat raccoons are:

Large cats, specifically bobcats and mountain lion, would definitely love to eat raccoons if they ever got any chance to catch them. Large cats like to eat both adult and small raccoons. 

As all of we know, wolves are connivers, and they are famous due to their hunting power. Although they travel in groups to prey the animals when they are alone and feel hungry, they can eat raccoons very easily. We did not mean here they only prey raccoons, they do eat others like fish, shrews, etc. but if they got raccoons, they are definitely going to eat them. 

Although the fox and raccoons live in the same wide habitat and both are predators, but if they got a chance to prey raccoons, they would definitely do it. On the other side, foxes do not eat only raccoons. They prey for big animals like rabbits and snakes, but they eat small and young raccoons too. 

Horned owls
These are the birds with the height of 188-25 inch long and feature wingspans between 50-60 inches. Although they like to pray small animals like mice and rats often, they like to pray big animals like raccoons and skunks. They not only eat young raccoons they can eat adult raccoons too. 

Snake prey for both adult and young raccoons very easily. They can also prey for small animals like rats, mice, etc. 

They are considered as one of the most skilled predators, although they prey for large on the chance to prey for raccoons no matter they are adults or young they would like to eat them. Although they have a habit of hunting in packs, a single coyote can easily prey for raccoon. 

Human-like to prey for raccoons because of their pest and odor so they like to kill them with the help of trap or can shoot them to get rid. People can also use their dogs to tree raccoons. They can also use poison to kill them. Another major reason to prey for raccoons is they like to pray for chicken, and later, they can have rabies, so they will definitely like to kill them.  Above was the list of predators that like to prey raccoons. 

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